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Total SQL Analyzer


Total SQL Analyzer, by FMS Inc., lets you improve performance and scalability with this comprehensive analysis solution for Microsoft SQL Server.

A brief summary of major features are provided below. View the Product Guide for more information on Total SQL Analyzer.


Improve performance and scalability

  • Automatically detect over 95 types of specific performance issues in your servers and databases.
  • Specific optimization tips are generated for any queries that could benefit such as missing indexes, SELECT *, etc.
  • Identify Tables without clustered indexes.
  • Locate cursor usage
  • Find column data types that can be optimized.
    Plus many more

Improve reliability and maintainability

  • Automatically detect over 25 types of issues that may affect SQL Server reliability and maintainability.
  • Identify design problems and suggests best practices.
  • Detect tables without primary keys
  • Find handling of null values that do not confirm to ANSI specifications
  • Locate identically named columns among all tables with different data types.

Develop Applications Faster

  • See dependencies among objects that can be printed or saved in HTML or MS Word format.
  • View interactive diagrams showing where objects are used and the objects used by other objects.
  • See where tables are used by views, stored procedures and user-defined functions.
  • See which tables, views and user-defined functions are used by a given stored procedure.

Understand and Manage Your Project

  • Generate comprehensive documentation.
  • Powerful Documentation Explorer to browse, filter and compare object properties.
  • Snapshot of all object scripts is saved and can be viewed.
    Audit trail of configuration changes to servers and database over time.
  • Audit trail of configuration changes to a server over time.
  • Over 80 well-structured, filterable reports for all schema and properties which can be printed or saved as HTML and MS Word format

Download Demos

This demo program lets you explore how Total SQL Analyzer works and the output it generates. It includes documentation of a sample database, and allows you to see the large variety of results generated by Total SQL Analyzer.

Demo versions are available for the PRO version and the Standard version. View the Comparison Chart to determine which version you need.

Download Total SQL Analyzer PRO Trial

Download Total SQL Analyzer Standard Trial


Two editions of SQL Analyzer are available:

Total SQL Analyzer PRO
is the complete solution for SQL Server. It includes all features, including performance analysis, issue detection, interactive dependency diagrams, documentation, and reports.

Total SQL Analyzer generates the same documentation and reports as the PRO version, but does not include the performance and issue analysis or the interactive dependency diagrams.
See the Comparison Chart



Total SQL Analyzer PRO and Total SQL Analyzer are licensed on a per user basis. Each person who runs the program must own a product license. Read the License Agreement for full licensing rules.

Total SQL Analyzer Pro    

    Single User License



    5 User License   $2,495
Total SQL Analyzer    
    Single User License   $495
    5 User License   $1,495



Total Access Analyzer:

  • Powerful reporting and analysis tools

  • Extensive Cross-referencing

  • Complete documentation for all aspects of Access database projects


System Requirements:

  • Pentium processor or better

  • Windows 98, 2000, ME, or NT 4.0

  • 20MB available hard disk space

  • 64MB RAM (128 recommended)

  • Access 2002, 2000, 97 or 2.0

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