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Analysis Tools


Our powerful Analysis Tools help you analyze and forecast sales and inventory data. Four Analysis Tools are provided. These are:

  • Verify Inventory Totals
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchase Order Backorder Analysis
  • Inventory Projections


Analysis Tools Screenshots (click image to enlarge)

*Some screenshots may represent features supported only in Business! Professional Edition.

About Analysis Tools
  • Included only with Business! Professional Edition


Inventory Projections

  • Displays inventory needed for open and backordered sales orders
  • Calculates quantity in stock, required quantity, quantity on backorder and quantity on order
  • View original sales order for any line item
  • View detail or summary data
  • View all items or required items based on user specified date range
  • Automatically calculates quantities to order
  • Sort by any column - item number, description, required date, and quantities
  • Print summary or detail reports

Verify Inventory Totals

  • View analysis for backorders, reserved items, or on order items
  • Displays item number, description, sales/backorder number, inventory quantity and difference
  • Sort data by any column
  • View detail inventory form for a selected item
  • Adjust all or selected items
  • Exclude zero differences option
  • Print summary report

Sales Analysis

  • Analyze sales orders, quotations, or invoices
  • Shows sales orders for all or a selected customer
  • View all orders or orders within a user specified date range
  • Show sales orders summary info or selected items detail
  • Displays and sort by sales order number, sales date, bill to/ship to company, and salesperson
  • Toggle display of bill to or ship to contact
  • Drill down to detail info including quantity ordered, shipped, backordered, reserved
  • Detail view lets you choose to display all items, drop ship, backorders, reserves and shipped items
  • Drop ship and shipped indicator for each line item lets you view status of each item on an order
  • Detail view displays item number, description
  • Refresh function displays latest data
  • Search by sales order, date, customer, item, description
  • Print summary report

Item/Supplier/Date Analysis

  • Analyze items by supplier/item, item/supplier, or item/date
  • View all or selected suppliers and items
  • View all dates or enter user defined date range
  • Displays item number, supplier, received date, quantity received, cost, and total
  • Sort by any column
  • Easily open inventory form for selected item
  • Refresh function displays latest data
  • Print summary analysis report

Purchase Order Backorder Analysis

  • View summary info on all backorders
  • View all backorders or between user specified date range
  • Displays sales order number, sales date, item number
  • Toggle between displaying item number and description
  • Show quantity ordered, shipped, and backordered from sales system
  • Show quantities in stock and on backorder from inventory
  • Shows associated purchase order number, quantity ordered and received
  • Easily view purchase order number, quantity ordered, and received
  • Sort by sales order number, sales date, item number/description, purchase order number
  • Refresh function displays latest data
  • Prints purchase order back order analysis report



Business! Accounting Software:

  • Works with Access 2003, XP and 2000

  • Includes source code

  • Includes Getting Started Tech Support Plan


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, XP or 2000

  • Windows Operating System

  • 50MB Free hard disk space

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