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Business! Certified Partners can help you purchase, install, and setup our products. Many also provide support, training and custom programming services.

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Maintaining accurate and detailed information on your customers and outstanding receivables is vital for any business. Business! provides a robust customer and receivables system that helps you to know your customers inside and out. Record unlimited contact names and numbers for each customer, enter delivery routes, default payment and sales information and log customer calls.

Use our receivables function to view current and overdue invoices and pay one or multiple invoices. Our powerful Customer Statements module lets you setup, manage, and print customer statements.


Customers Screenshots (click image to enlarge)

*Some screenshots may represent features only support in Business! Professional Edition.

Core Features

  • Enter Your Own Customer Numbers or Use Auto Sequential Numbering
  • Set Address Types as Ship To, Bill To, Both or Quote
  • Unlimited Ship To Addresses for Each Bill To and Vice Versa
  • Mini contact manager lets you record customer notes, contact log and follow-up calls including dates and times
  • Enter Unlimited Contacts Per Customer Including Name, Phone, Email, Fax and More
  • Enter Default Sales Information to Auto Prefill on Sales Orders and Invoices
  • Enter Delivery Route Information Including Driving Directions
  • Set Default Payment Methods
  • View Customer Credit Limit and Current Credit Balance
  • Set Up to Two Default Tax Jurisdictions and Rates for Each Customer or Tax Exempt
  • Place Customer on Credit Hold for Notification During Order Entry
  • Set Up to Two Pricing Levels for Inventory Items - Range, Discount, Markup, Retail, First, Last and Pick
  • Enter Customer Item Numbers for each of your Inventory items
  • Contact Log Lets You Record All Interaction with a Customer - Phone Calls, Support, Purchases, Complaints and Checklist for Follow Up Calls
  • View and Print a Customer's Prior Sales History including Amounts Paid and Balances Due
  • Easily Duplicate a Customer
  • Set Customers as Active or Inactive
  • Set User Defined Finance Charge Processing Options - Days Past Due, Min Charge, Percentage, Min. Balance and More
  • Apply Finance Charges for All or Selected Customers

Pro Edition Features

Business! Professional Edition includes the following additional features/functions:

  • Archive and Delete Unused Customers
  • Create Custom Pricing for Each Item in Inventory for a Customer
  • Use Special Date/Time-based Pricing for a Customer
  • Enter and Manage Merchant Credit Card Accounts Including Discount Types and Rate and Statement Histories
  • Easily Reconcile Payments Made by Credit Card and Create Deposits
  • Credit Card Reconciliation Form Displays Charges Outstanding, Gross, and Net Amounts
  • Set Date Range for Displaying Outstanding Invoices
  • Set Aging Date to Calculate Length of Time Overdue
  • Display Unpaid, Paid or All Invoices for Each Customer or All Customers
  • View Customers by Name or Company, With or Without Balances
  • View Total Amount, Total Paid and Total Receivable for Each Invoice, Including Credit Balances
  • Automatically Calculates Total Amounts Due and Paid to Date as well as Aging Status Current, Over 30, Over 60, Over 90
  • Displays Credit Limit and Available Balance
  • Change the Aging Date to Perform Forecast Scenarios
  • Press the Invoice Button to Instantly View or Modify the Invoice
  • Print Customer Statements and Dunning Letters
  • Enter a Single Payment and Quickly Pay Multiple Invoices
  • Apply Zero Payment Credits
  • Automatically Allocate Payments from Oldest to Newest Invoice
  • Apply Unused Credit Balances Towards Outstanding Balances
  • Handles all GL Transactions
  • Records Payments on Individual Invoice Payment Sections
  • Print All or Selected Receivables from Visual Receipts


Business! Accounting Software:

  • Works with Access 2003, XP, 2000

  • Includes source code

  • Includes Getting Started Tech Support Plan


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, XP or 2000

  • Windows Operating System

  • 50MB Free hard disk space

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