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Business! Certified Partners can help you purchase, install, and setup our products. Many also provide support, training and custom programming services.

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Our Inventory System is one of the best around, providing you with rich functionality found only in many high end systems. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor, our inventory system can meet your needs.


Inventory Screenshots (click image to enlarge)

*Some screenshots may represent features supported only Business! Professional Edition.

Core Features

  • Choose to Use Periodic or Perpetual Inventory
  • LIFO, FIFO or Weighted Average Costing
  • Use Optional Inventory Categories
  • Displays Stock Level Graph on Screen
  • Search for Items by Description, Item Number, Supplier, Serial Number or Barcode
  • Define Inventory Classes including Stock Tracking, Backorders and GL Accounts
  • Track Stock, Allow Backorders, Show on Sales Orders, Show on Purchase Orders, Allow Out of Stock Sales
  • Choose to Automatically Post Inventory Adjustments to GL
  • Select Default and Unlimited Backup Suppliers, Including Price and Lead Time
  • Calculates Amount on Hand, On Order, On Backorder, Average Cost
  • Displays Last Order Info, Date and Reorder Quantity
  • Each Receipt of Goods is Tracked Separately - Includes Date, Quantities, Cost, Supplier, PO Number, Warehouse
  • Easily Adjust Quantity in Stock Across Multiple Receipts of Goods
  • Easily Enter Groups of Serial Numbers
  • Supports Serialized Items and Tracks Each Individual Item
  • Maintains Shipping Weight for Freight Charges
  • Active/Inactive Indicator for Outdated/Obsolete Items
  • Handles Inventory in Multiple Warehouses
  • Set Picking Order, Bin and Location
  • Easily Transfer Goods Between Warehouses
  • Set Default GL Accounts for Inventory Sales, Cost of Goods, +/- Adjustments
  • Set Taxable Status for Up to Two Tax Rates Per Item
  • Calculates Insurance Value and Replacement Cost
  • For Each Individual Item Override Class Selection of Stock Tracking, Allow Backorders
  • Supports Unlimited Multi-Pricing Levels by Qty High, Low, Percentage and Price
  • Include Long Text Description and Picture for Each Item
  • Maintain Inventory by Unlimited Warehouses
  • Maintain Defaults for Purchase Cost and Retail Price
  • Maintain Special Pricing for Each Item based on Price Levels, Quantity Purchased
  • Inventory Pricing Includes Discount, Markup, Fixed Price, Range
  • Enter Supplier Information for Each Item Including Lead Time, Cost, and In Stock Status
  • Maintain Supplier and PO Number for Each Receipt
  • Track Lot Types of Inventory Items Including Lot Number, Production and Expiration Date
  • Expiration Dates for Serialized Items
  • Enter Customer Item Number for Each Item
  • Quickly View Items On Order
  • Supports Standard Pack Quantity Checking

Pro Edition Features

  • Allow Drop Ship option for drop shipping items to Customer
  • Supports Reserve Quantities for Deferred Sales and Calculates Amounts on Reserve
  • Create Unlimited Master Column/Row Matrix for Style/Color Items
  • Matrix Grid Lets You Enter Quantities for Each Column/Row Cell and Automatically Creates Inventory Items for Each Entry
  • Assign Any Name to Matrix Columns and Rows
  • Enter Unlimited Date-based Special Pricing by Date Range, Percentage, Price
  • Batch Screen to Update Prices for Multiple Items
  • Build Assemblies with Unlimited Levels
  • Assemblies Items Include Full Bill of Materials with Multi-level Assembly Tree
  • Build Assemblies Rolling Up All Materials, Labor and Cost to Any Level
  • Disassemble Components and Restock Inventory
  • Automatically Calculate Assembly Quantity Based on In Stock Amounts
  • Automatically Create Purchase Orders for Necessary Raw Materials
  • Batch Reconciliation Form to Perform Quick Physical Count and Update All Items at Once, Including Serial Numbers
  • Inventory Transaction Log records Sales, Purchases and Inventory Adjustments
  • Loading Dock Module for Inventory Receiving and Reconciliation
  • Import Price Books from Outside Vendors in Formats including Excel, ASCII, Access, and XML
  • Inventory Functions for Updating Matrix and Special Pricing Items
  • Inventory Transaction History
  • Supplier Purchase History


Business! Accounting Software:

  • Works with Access 2003, XP, 2000

  • Includes source code

  • Includes Getting Started Tech Support Plan


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, XP or 2000

  • Windows Operating System

  • 50MB Free hard disk space

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