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Calendar Tools 3.0


Powerful navigation components for your design interface.

Calendar Tools 3.0 by DBI Technologies, Inc. contains powerful navigation components for your design interface.


With six easy to use drop-in calendar components, Calendar Tools offers an affordable, functional, component solution with a variety of calendar options to fit your design needs.

From a day view component designed to keep track of daily appointments to month and yearly calendars for longer term time management, Calendar Tools v3.0 contains all of the components needed for your date presentation requirements. Plus, our new Business! Professional accounting package uses the ctYear control in the Company Schedule.


Scrolling Calendar Component

ctCalendar is a scrolling virtual calendar component that gives the developer complete control over calendar presentation with user definable start and end dates. Create and track appointments with colors, pictures, task bars, and scrolling text for each date on the calendar.

Start Date/End Date : Allows developer to define the calendar for any period of time.

Edit Text : This component offers the ability to edit text directly within each date of the calendar.

Print Methods : Formats and sends the contents of the calendar to a printer device or print window inside of a page on a printer device.

Date Component

ctDate is a monthly calendar component able to display one or two months at a time. Its simple design makes it ideal in situations where screen real estate is limited.

Multiple Styles : Independent weekend, date and week number colors. Show or hide monthly navigation buttons. Display one or two months at a time. Display week numbers and/or current date.

Print Method : A "PrintInWindow" method allows the calendar to be printed anywhere on a page.

Daily Appointment Component

ctDays is a visual representation of a daily schedule planner. It is able to accept and/or display a days worth of appointments at a time. Appointments are easily created within the control by clicking and selecting a time line in the control, and then entering some text from the keyboard.

Appointment Management : Custom methods for programmatically adding, deleting, and changing appointments. Also includes methods for conflict checking.

Print Methods : Formats and sends the contents of the control to a printer device or print window inside of a page on a printer device.

Presentation Options : Define the start and end of the schedule. Display normal or military time. Place images into an appointment.

Drag And Drop : Drag appointments into and out of the control.

Drop Date Component

ctDropDate is a masked date edit control with a built in drop down calendar. Optional spin buttons within the component can be used to automatically increment or decrement the current date. Intelligent data entry fills in the date with a best guess if only part of the date is entered.

Flat Style : The component can appear flat until the mouse moves over it or until it receives focus.

Calendar Designer : Design and view the calendar through the controls property pages.

Drop and Spin Buttons : Built in drop button can be used to display the drop calendar. Built in spin buttons can be used to increase and decrease the current date.

Monthly Calendar Component

ctMonth provides a view of an entire month. It allows for extensive customization and control over its graphical presentation. Each date supports independent background and text colors, images, time bars, text, and the ability to be disabled. All labels within the control (i.e. day and month names) can easily be changed so the component can be used with a variety of different languages.

Multiple Styles : Independent colors, text, images, time bars and disabling for each date. Display week numbers. Independent weekend colors.

Drag And Drop : Drag appointments into and out of the control.

Image List : Store up to 100 images in an internal image list. Support for masked bitmaps.

Print Methods : Formats and sends the contents of the calendar to a printer device or print window inside of a page on a printer device.

Yearly Calendar Component

ctYear allows the user to view up to 12 months or one calendar at a time. It contains the ability to place independent colors on any date of the control. This can be most useful when your are trying to present a schedule of independent events that may go over many days or weeks (i.e. holidays).

Multiple Months : Display 3, 4, 6, or 12 months at a time.

Definable Start Time : Define what month the calendar should start at. For example, display a fiscal year that starts in April and ends the next year at the end of March.

Print Methods : Formats and sends the contents of the calendar to a printer device.



Calendar Tools 3.0 - Single License (Download Only)



Calendar Tools 3.0 - 5 User License (Download Only)   $996



Calendar Tools:

  • Compatible with most OCX compliant development environments

  • Sample code included for Access, VB, Visual FoxPro and Visual C++

  • ctYear control used in Business! Professional


System Requirements:

  • 486 MHz or faster processor

  • Windows Operating System

  • 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended)

  • 12 MB available hard disk space

  • Development environment that supports 32 bit OCX/ActiveX controls

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