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Credit Card Charging


The Credit Card Charging Module is an interface used to process credit card transactions through a 3rd party software product called PC Charge. The module can be used with the following Database Creations LLC. products:

Data entered into the Credit Card Charging module is passed along to PC-Charge, which handles the transaction and return authorization. PC Charge is developed and supported by Verifone.


Credit Card Charging (click image to enlarge)



The on-line Credit Card Charging Add-on provides the technology to let you validate and charge a customer's credit cards from your PC.

In order to use this add-on, you will need to have the following:

  • A copy of PC-Charge software
  • A merchant number for your company to process credit cards
  • A processing bank that processes your charges for you (be sure the bank you use supports PC-Charge)
  • The Credit Card Charging module

How Does it Work?

The card processing module works with the PC-Charge server application by capturing the credit card information in the payment section of an invoice and sending it to the PC-Charge server to be processed. The PC-Charge server then sends the credit card and sale information to your card processing company's server to be authorized. Your card processing company's server sends back the proper authorization to the PC-Charge server which returns the authorization to the PC-Charge client who requested the transaction and updates the authorization field of the invoice payment section, as shown below.

Configuring the System

An easy to use configuration form is used to enter bank and merchant information for charging. You can also set security options to prompt for a password when a user selects to process a credit or void transaction.

Click on image to enlarge

Processing a Charge

The Charge Credit Card form is a user friendly form that allows users to process various types of transactions including sales, voids, credits, post- and pre- authorizations.

Information about the cardholder and credit card are automatically filled in based on the information entered in the customer's invoice. When the OK button is pressed, the system passes the information to PC-Charge which dials your processing bank to process the transaction and return an authorization code.

Viewing the Transaction History

You can view all transactions made through the charging system. Information about each transaction including the transaction type, status, user who performed the transaction and other pertinent information are displayed. A search dialog is included to help you locate a specific transaction. You can also select to print a selected transaction or all transactions.

Printing Reports

The Credit Card Charging module includes reports that are added to your Business! Reports list. These reports print information about the transactions processed through the charging system. Since PC-Charge stores all the transactions in an Access database, you can modify the existing reports or create your own reports.

Additional Information

Banks that work with PC-Charge Pro



Credit Card Charging Interface - Site License



PC Charge - Single User (includes 1 year pre-paid std support plan)   $479
PC Charge - Extra User   $138
PC Charge - Unlimited Users Upgrade (must own Single User License)   $639





Return Policy for PC-Charge Products

*PC-Charge products are manufactured by Verifone, and are therefore subject to the following policies:

  • PC Charge Pro - Non-Returnable
  • PC Charge Developer Kit - Non-Returnable
  • PC Charge Developer Kit Suite - Non-Returnable


Credit Charging Module:

  • Works with Business!, Yes! I Can Run My Business!, and POSitively Business

  • Interfaces to PC-Charge software

  • Source code included


System Requirements:

  • Windows Operating System

  • Microsoft Access 2002, 2000, or 97

  • PC-Charge software

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