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Total Access Components


Total Access Components, by FMS Inc., is a collection of 27 ActiveX controls designed specifically for Access. No other product makes it easier to add powerful functionality to  your Access forms and reports.

Enhance your Microsoft Access applications with amazing visual effects, interactive features, and other features that are sure to amaze your users, co-workers, clients and boss! Add powerful functionality to your Access application in minutes with the only collection of ActiveX custom controls designed specifically for Microsoft Access.


Give your Access applications a professional polish to differentiate your work! Twenty seven controls are included, ranging from cool features such as form resizing and splitter bars, to dazzling visual effects such as "Outlook" menus, sticky notes, rotated text, enhanced tabs, bitmap animation, pop-up menus, enhanced buttons, and video. Designed specifically for Access, Total Access Components understand Access forms and reports, and many can be data bound directly to your fields.

You can even simplify programming by using our controls rather than complex Windows APIs for clipboard, common dialogs, and more.

Powerful Visual Controls

Total Access Components includes many powerful visual components that make your forms and reports, including:

Resizer Add automatic resizing control to your form with just one ActiveX control.
Icon Menu Display a menu of icons, just like in Microsoft Outlook.
Text Effects Add rotated text (great for report labels) and shadow effects.
About Box Add an About Box with version and copyright information with just one control.
Bitmap Effects Use transitions, fades, and other exciting effects with your bitmap images.
Popup Menu Add right-click popup menus anywhere on your form. You control the menu contents.
Border Add borders with 3D looks, including bevels and rounded corners.
Clock Add digital or analog clocks.
Digital Display Add digital displays to display numerical data.
Enhanced Button Use buttons with shadows and aligned bitmaps.
Gauge Show progress using a variety of gauge styles.
Marquee Display scrolling text in a marquee fashion.
Notes Display pop-up notes with a variety of formatting options.
Progress Meter Display progress with a variety of progress meters.
Slider Control numerical data with sliders.
Spin Button Control values with up/down buttons.
Splitter Add a splitter to divide Access form areas.
Tab Strip Add a lightweight tab strip with tabs on the top, bottom, or side.
Multimedia Controls Controls to display AVI movies, play CDs, and Wave and MIDI files.
Powerful Systems Controls

Total Access Components includes several system controls that make such tasks a breeze. System controls included in the product are:

Clipboard Cut, copy, and paste data with our easy to use Clipboard control.
INI File Read and write INI data files.
Registry Read and write to the system registry.
System Information Return a wealth of information about the system hardware and software.
Timer Add high resolution timers to your forms.
Common Dialogs Quick access to the Windows Open File, Save File, Color Chooser, Font, and Print dialogs.

Quickly Add Advanced Functionality

Many features require no programming! Just place a control on your form or report and set some properties. If you're a programmer, you can modify most properties in code and invoke methods for additional functionality. 

Total Access Components also includes an extensive tutorial database with source code containing working examples of every control. A printed manual and on-line help are also included.

Royalty-Free Redistribution License

Included with the product is a royalty-free runtime license that allows you to redistribute the controls with as many Access applications as you want.

Easy Redistribution

Total Access Components includes an automated setup program that you can include with your Access application. Called TACRUN10.exe, this setup program:

Installs the Total Access Components controls and support files to the computer

Registers all the controls in the system registry.

Displays no prompts for user intervention--the program runs without the end-user's input.

Easy Updates

If you want to include and updated version of Total Access Components for your users who may already have a previous version, our single-file ActiveX container means you only have to update one file.

Coexistence with Total Access Components 8.0

The Total Access Components controls have different identifiers (GUIDs) than Total Access Components 8.0 for Access 97. This means Access 97 applications using Total Access Components 8.0 can coexist on the same machine as applications using Total Access Components for Access 2000, 2002 and 2003.

Automatically Update Total Access Components 2000 Controls

If you are using Total Access Components 2000, installing Total Access Components for Access 2000, 2002 and 2003 will update all Total Access Components 2000 controls automatically. This means that you do not have to remove the 2000 version of the controls and replace them with the new version for Access 2000/2002/2003!

Download Demos

This demo version show examples of every property, method, and event for each control, but it does not allow you to insert Total Access Components into your own forms or reports.

Total Access Components Trial Version


Total Access Components for Access - Single
Access 2003/2002/2000)



Total Access Components for Access - 5 Users   $595



Total Access Components:

  • Works Access 2003, 2002, 2000, or 97

  • Royalty Free distribution rights included


System Requirements:

  • Pentium processor or better

  • Windows 98, 2000, ME, or NT 4.0

  • Access 2003, 2002, 2000, or 97

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