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Fixed Assets


The Fixed Assets and Depreciation system is an optional module that can be purchased for use with Business! and Yes! I Can Run My Business. This system allows you to keep track of and depreciate the fixed assets you use in your business. 


Fixed Assets & Depreciation (click image to enlarge)



With the Fixed Assets and Depreciation module, you can record and track information about your fixed assets including:

  • Asset Type
  • Serial Number
  • Useful Life
  • Salvage Value
  • Depreciation Method
  • Depreciation Accounts

The system also calculates the Depreciation Expense, Accumulated Depreciation and Book Value.

You can add a new fixed asset, find existing assets, delete a fixed asset, dispose of an asset or depreciate an asset. You can choose to use one of five commonly used depreciation methods including Straight Line, Declining Balance, 150% Declining Balance, Double Declining Balance, and Sum of the Years Digits.

This module also includes reports that summarize your fixed assets and depreciation values.


Fixed Assets Module for Business!





Fixed Assets & Depreciation Module

  • Works with Business!,  and Yes! I Can Run My Business


System Requirements:

  • Windows Operating System

  • Business!, Yes! I Can Run My Business, or CheckWriter

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