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Inventory Manager


Our Inventory Manager is one of the best inventory systems around, providing you with rich functionality found only in many high end systems. Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor, our inventory system can meet your needs.


Inventory Manager       (click image to enlarge)


Core Features

  • Unique Part Number Identification Checking
  • LIFO, FIFO and Weighted Average Costing
  • Handles Assembly and Kitting
  • Keep Track of Manufacturer and Model Number
  • Record UPC Code and Case Pack Information
  • Long Descriptions and Inventory Categories
  • Displays Amount on Hand, On Order, Back Order
  • Maintain Information on Suppliers
  • Display Reorder Point and Quantity Information
  • Record Valuations at Cost and Replacement Cost
  • Displays Graph of Stock Usage
  • Handles Inventory in Multiple Warehouses
  • Rollup Color, Style/Size Items
  • Maintain Items by Serial Number
  • Enter and Track New Warehouse Locations
  • Complete Transaction History and Audit Trail
  • File backup, compact and restore utilities
  • Create New Company Wizard
  • Work with multiple company data files
  • Easily Adaptable for Bar Code Readers
  • Includes Mini General Ledger to Track Costs
  • Over 70 Customizable Inventory Reports
  • Optional Bar Coding extensions module available as an add-on
Product Overview

The Inventory Manager simplifies the work of managing your inventory with logical, user friendly forms and great reports. Use the Inventory Manager to keep track of your inventory or integrate into your own sales or purchase order system. The program includes all source code and is fully customizable.  

Purchase the developer version and use the Inventory Manager royalty free within your applications.

This product consists only of an Inventory module. It does not include any purchasing or sales modules. If you are looking for a more complete package, please see our fully customizable business accounting software.

With the Inventory Manager you can enter Suppliers, Warehouses (Shipping Locations) and Inventory items. You can also view a history of inventory transactions, post transactions to our mini general ledger, and run a variety of inventory related reports. All forms and reports can be customized to fit specific business needs you may have. If you need help in customizing our product to fit your needs, contact us to find out about our customization services.

Inventory items can be serialized items, assembly items, multi-warehouse, style/color, or multi-priced. Quite a bit of detail information can be entered for each inventory item including the product description, bar code, category and subcategory, weight, units, manufacturer, model number, default and backup suppliers, cost, retail price and much more.

Based on the inventory costing method you select, the system will automatically calculate the product's average cost, insurance value and replacement cost. The Quantity In Stock amount is also calculated based on inventory inflows and outflows.

Barcode Extensions Overview

Bar Code Extensions Optional Module

You can purchase a Bar Code Extension add-on for the Inventory Manager as well as various bar code hardware and fonts for use with our software. Our Bar Code Reviewer's Guide contains additional information on the Bar Code module.

The Bar Code Extensions module consists of software that adds the following functionality to the Inventory Manager:

  • Separate library file seamlessly integrates with Inventory Manager
  • Print bar codes on labels or multi-column notebooks for quick look-up and scanning
  • Collect data using a data collection device
  • Works with Palm based Symbol SPT1800 or any ASCII based collection device
  • Automatically handle inventory reconciliation, adjustments or transfers between warehouses
  • Visual confirmation of all updates
  • Many setup options including warehouses and serialized inventory
  • Reconciliation includes custom tolerances for over/under condition, accept/reject logic, audit trail

The Warehouse portion of the bar coding extensions module allows you to import data collected from a portable data collection device. You can setup the Warehouse module to import total inventory, as for a reconciliation, inventory transactions (inflows/outflows) or to transfer multiple inventory items to different warehouses. If you use multiple warehouses, you can process your data for one or all warehouses.

Other setup options are available for updating inventory with collected data such as setting the tolerance levels, default inventory accounts, inventory dates and whether or not the GL gets posted.

(click image to enlarge)

We have written programs to import inventory data collected with a portable bar coding device, such as the SPT1800, into the Inventory Manager. The import program can import data from the SPT1800 using the Pendragon Forms software. You can also use a compatible device capable of exporting collected data in ASCII format. Importing the data is accomplished in a few quick and easy steps using the Import Warehouse Data form.

Once imported, collected data is displayed visually, providing you with an opportunity to view the data before it is updated to your inventory tables. You can sort the data a variety of ways, adjust the actual count and cost in case of errors, and select to adjust all or only selected items.

(click image to enlarge)

A historical listing of all inventory transactions can be easily accessed for viewing or printing. You can view transactions for individual inventory items and even select to view transactions between a range of dates.

The Inventory Manager also includes many reports you can print, including barcode reports. Our easy to use Reports dialog allows you to select the report, set optional criteria to limit the data displayed in the report, and the ability to set date selections criteria.

All reports are created within Microsoft Access and can be fully customized by you to fit your individual needs. You can also easily create your own report in the Inventory Manager and add them to the Reports dialog for easy access and printing. An Azalea barcode font is required if you will be printing barcodes.

Hardware Components
The following hardware components can used with the Barcode Warehouse Extensions.

If you will be using the Symbol SPT1800 device to capture inventory transaction and reconciliation data, you will also need to purchase Pendragon Forms. This third party software provides a conduit for transferring data between the SPT1800 and Microsoft Access.

The SPT1800 is no longer available from regular reseller channels however you can find these devices on ebay. Database Creations is not able to order SPT1800 devices. You must purchase these separately from other vendors.


Inventory Manager Software - Multi User License



Inventory Manager Software - Developer License



Inventory Manager Software w/Barcode Extensions -
Multi User License



Inventory Manager Software w/Barcode Extensions - Developer License



Please Note:  Product downloads are NOT sent immediately.  The credit card information must first be verified and authorized.  Then, an e-mail will be sent which includes the download instructions and unlock key(s) for the software purchased.

Inventory Manager version 4.03:

  • Works with Access 2003, 2002, 2000, 97

  • Includes source code

  • Includes 30 days free support


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, 2002, 2000, or 97

  • Windows Operating System

  • 25MB Free hard disk space

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