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PC-Charge Interface Kit

The PC-Charge DevKit and DevKit Suite are tools that make it easy for software developers to add credit card processing to their Windows applications. The kits include complete specifications on how to interface PC-Charge Pro along with ActiveX and VBX Custom Controls. Sample applications in popular programming languages like Visual Basic, Access and Delphi are included to show you how easy it is to implement. You must also purchase the PC Charge Software, as this is the software that actually processes the credit cards.


ActiveX and VBX Custom Controls Make it Easy!

PC-Charge DevKit has been developed to complement Microsoft's OLE and ActiveX technologies and makes it easy for developers to incorporate the back end credit card processing capabilities they need into their Windows applications. Sales, Credits, Voids - Everything you need to replace that little black box.

For the first time corporate developers, Solution Providers, VARs, consultants and others have the tools they need to easily create custom solutions capable of processing credit cards in Windows. Whether developing retail point of sale systems or intranet/internet electronic storefronts, PC-Charge ActiveX and VBX Custom Controls provides a seamless real time solution.

Both Kits include a 16 & 32 Bit Custom Control which seamlessly integrates PC-Charge Pro into all popular Windows programming languages like Visual Basic, VBScript, Access and Delphi. Sample applications are also included along with test information so that you can develop your applications with confidence.

Custom Controls CHARGE.OCX and CHARGE.VBX

Custom Controls make it easy to integrate credit cards into your Windows applications. You simply add the control to your tool bar and form, set some properties, and invoke the SEND method. The CHARGE control will process the transaction and trigger an event in your application to let you know the transaction is complete. Result properties will let you know whether the transaction has been approved. It's that easy. This approach allows you to spend time adding value to your application and NOT learning the credit card processing business.

Design Time Properties

Path - Path to PC-Charge.
Time Out - Time out value.
Processor - Credit card processing company.
User - User name.

Run Time Properties

TID - Terminal ID or Merchant Number.
Amount - Transaction Amount.
Card - Credit card number.
Reference - Reference number.
Member - Card holders name.
Track - Track data.
ExpDate - Expiration date.
Zip - Zip code (AVS).
Action - Transaction Type (Sale, Credit, Void..etc.)
Street - Street (AVS).
Manual - Manual or swiped indicator.
Ticket - Your invoice number.
Send - Method that starts the process.

Response Properties

Result - Captured, Approved, Declined.
RefNumber - Reference number.
Auth - Authorization number.
AVS - AVS match.

Auto-Settle DLL

The PC-Charge DevKit and DevKit Suite also include a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) interface for settling batches. An Application Programming Interface (API) is provided so that you can automatically settle batches from your application.

The Opportunity

PC-Charge DevKit gives the software developer the tools he/she needs to easily integrate credit card processing capabilities into their applications. Whether developing your own order entry system or adding value to a vertical market application, the PC-Charge Developer Kit will easily pay for itself by saving you valuable time. In addition, the DevKit Kit gives your application a competitive advantage through increased business efficiencies and product differentiation from your competitors. Don't miss out on the exciting opportunities of electronic commerce. The PC-Charge DevKit makes it easy.

The PC-Charge DevKit Suite also includes a merchant license with unlimited users and allows developers to activate the payment processing application of choice.

Return Policy for PC-Charge Products

*PC-Charge products are manufactured VeriFone, and are therefore subject to the following policies:

  • PC Charge Pro - Non-Returnable
  • PC Charge DevKit - Non-Returnable
  • PC Charge DevKit Suite - Non-Returnable
PC Charge - DevKit   $765
PC Charge - DevKit Suite   $2129
PC Charge - DevKit Annual Renewal Fee   $435
PC Charge - DevKit Suite Annual Renewal Fee   $435



Credit Charging Module

  • Works with OLE and ActiveX technologies

  • Integrate in your Windows-based applications

  • 16 and 32 bit custom controls included


System Requirements:

  • Windows Operating System

  • PC-Charge software for client

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