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Pendragon Forms


Pendragon Forms lets you create handheld data collection forms for any Palm OS device without programming! The software is licensed on a per Palm OS basis.


Use Pendragon Forms in conjunction with the barcoding modules offered for Business!, POSitively Business and Inventory Manager.


Pendragon Forms Tool              (click image to enlarge)



  • Create forms without programming

  • Collect data on any Palm OS device

  • Bi-directional synchronization to Access or ODBC

  • Easily scales for multiple users

  • Custom layout tools & sizeable fields

  • Support for pictures in records

  • Bar code scanner and GPS data collection

  • Capture photos with cameras on Zire 71, Zire 72 and Sony Clie TH, UX and NX series devices

Pendragon Forms consists of three components:

The Forms Manager is an Access 97/Access 200X database application (Microsoft Access is not required to use this program) that includes a Form Designer and some simple tools for viewing, managing and exporting data.

The Forms Conduit is a bridge between Forms on your desktop and Forms on you handheld device, and it runs during each HotSync data transfer.

The Forms Runtime is a program on the handheld device that runs the Forms.


Designing a custom form couldn't be easier, just use the form designer to specify the names and types for fields of data you want to collect. After designing your form, you're just four mouse-clicks away from having your form design synchronized to your handheld device. After deployment in the Forms Manager, the new form designs will added to the handheld during the next HotSync® operation. 


On your handheld, your form can be edited in two modes:

wpe19.gif (2067 bytes)






In Field View, each field is displayed on its own screen. This is ideal for surveys in which each question on the form is to be answered sequentially. Field view provides more space for responses and data entry tools. For example, in this mode, numeric fields have an on-screen numeric keypad.
wpe1A.gif (2790 bytes) In Record View, you can view and edit eleven fields at once. The list can be scrolled to see more fields. You can also browse multiple records using the navigation buttons.




Pendragon Forms 4.0 Single User License



Pendragon - Extra Licenses (2-9)   $65
Pendragon - Extra Licenses (10-24)   $60
Pendragon - Extra Licenses (25-99)   $55
Pendragon - Extra Licenses (100 or more)   $50



Pendragon Forms:

  • License on a per Palm OS client basis

  • Automatically generates data tables

  • Works on any Palm OS handheld device

  • Scalable to support multiple users

  • Easily export to MS Excel or ASCII


Pendragon System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 SP3
    /XP/Vista with 32MB RAM

  • Approx. 100MB hard disk space

  • CD-ROM drive for installation

  • Palm HotSync Manager software version 4.0 or higher (for Palm OS handhelds)

  • ActiveSync 3.7 or higher (for Pocket PCs)

  • Microsoft Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007

Handheld Device Requirements:

  • Palm OS device running Palm OS 3.5, Palm OS 4.0 or higher recommended.  Includes devices manufactured by Palm, Janam, Aceeca, Symbol SPT 1500, 1700 and 1800, and Kyocera and Samsung smartphones.

  • Palm OS form application size: approximately 350KB (0.35MB). Each record is typically 64 bytes per field. Maximum of 64KB per record

  • Maximum of 96 forms per device. Maximum of 250 fields per form

  • Some features and options require devices with external storage media, high-resolution display (320x320 pixels or higher), and color display.

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