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Business! Certified Partners can help you purchase, install, and setup our products. Many also provide support, training and custom programming services.

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POSitively Business


POSitively Business is an add-on point of sale module for use with our Business! accounting products. Visual display and hundreds of setup options lets you control the way you do point of sale business. Source code is included.

Two types of licenses are available for POSitively Business. These are a multi user license and developer license.

This product was retired in 2008. The product is sold as-is with NO support. This product is non-returnable/non-refundable. For this reason, please download and evaluate the demo prior to purchasing and email sales@databasecreations.com with any questions you may have.

Core Features

POSitively Business includes the following core features:
  • Handles Cash and Customer Sales
  • Integrates with Standard POS Hardware
  • Mouseless Interface
  • Works with Business! accounting software inventory, customers, invoices, A/R, and general ledger
  • Complete administration system for setup, reconciliation, cash counting, and register security
  • Includes barcode printing software
    (requires purchase of Azalea barcode font)
  • Handles out of stock and override items
  • Supports gift certificates
  • Includes sales analysis tools
  • Credit Card Charging Interface
    (requires purchase of PC Charge Pro credit card charging software)
  • Source Code Provided Written Completely in Microsoft Access
  • Runs with Access 2003, Access 2002, Access 2000

See the POSitively Business product brochure for a full list of features.

What You Get

With your purchase of POSitively Business you will receive:
  • POSitively Business software with open source code
  • Versions for Access 2003, 2002, and 2000
  • Electronic, searchable user guides in Adobe .PDF format
  • Getting Started Technical Support Plan
  • Sample file to help you get started
Licenses Available

Three types of licenses are available for POSitively Business:

Single Register License: Install, customize and use POSitively Business on one workstation for your one company, one location use only. Additional licenses can be purchased.

Three Register License: Install, customize and use POSitively Business on up to three workstations for your one company, one location use only. Additional licenses can be purchased.

Developer License: Includes one license for the developer and one, three register client licenses. Allows you to customize POSitively Business to distribute to your clients. A separate client license must be purchased for each additional client you distribute our customized software to. Discounts are provided for developers who purchase multiple client licenses. See our Certified Business Partner program for details.

Modules Included with POSitively Business

The following modules are included with POSitively Business. Our POSitively Business website provides detailed information on each module including screen shots.

  • Point of Sale
  • Cash Drawer Reconciliation
  • Sales Analyzer
  • Barcode Printing
  • Setup and Utility
  • Reports


Point of Sale Hardware

POSitively Business works with standard point of sale hardware. You can modify our software to work with different hardware.

POSitively Business can work with:

  • Cash Drawer

  • Light Pole

  • Credit Card Scanning Keyboard*

  • Receipt Printer

  • Azalea Barcode Font

  • Laser Scanner

* Use in conjunction with PC Charge Pro credit card processing software.

POSitively Business was retired in 2008. This product is available for purchase for Access developers who are able to customize the product for your needs.
The product is sold as-is with no support available.

Please download the demo for evaluation prior to purchase. The product is non returnable/non refundable.

Point of Sale Software    
POSitively Business - Multi User License with source code   $295
POSitively Business/Business! Standard Combo
(includes multi user Business! Std license and multi sure POS license)
POSitively Business/Business! Professional Combo (includes multi user Business! Pro license and multi user POS license)
Additional Modules    
PC Charge Pro - Single User License
(credit card processing software)
PC Charge Pro - Extra User License   $138
Developer Products    

POSitively Business - Developer License



POSitively Business/Business! Standard Combo - Developer License (includes license of each product for developer and a multi user Business! Std license and multi user POS license for one client)
POSitively Business/Business! Professional Combo - Developer License (includes license of each product for developer and a multi user Business! Pro license and multi user POS license for one client)
POS Hardware    
Azalea Barcode Font (single user license)   $199


POS Software version 3.02:

  • Works with Access 2003, 2002, 2000

  • Includes source code

  • Includes 30 days free support via email


System Requirements:

  • Access 2003, 2002, or 2000

  • Windows Operating System

  • 40MB Free hard disk space

Please Note:
  Product downloads are NOT sent immediately.  The credit card information must first be verified and authorized.  Then, an e-mail will be sent which includes the download instructions and unlock key(s) for the software purchased.

The Download shipping method will not add shipping charges to your order, as there will be no physical shipment. 

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